An Interesting Direct Message

After the story on Missouri freshman wide receiver, Dorial Green-Beckham’s, suspension took hold of the Missouri and SEC twitter-verses this afternoon, I received  this direct message (above) on twitter from someone in the Mizzou football program. I sent out eight different tweets earlier regarding the information I knew about DGB’s arrest Wednesday night- the marijuana possession, who he was with, and where the arrest took place. I cropped out the person’s name in the above photo because I don’t mean to embarrass anyone. I didn’t really think I’d ever have to do something like this but I just want to clear up whatever confusion there might be as to where my “loyalties” stand.

I replied to the DM saying -point blank- it’s my job. It’s my job to give people information about the Missouri football team. That’s why I was at every single open practice during fall training camp, that’s why I go to every media day, games, etc. As a reporter, it’s my job to report on the team’s accomplishments and milestones as well as its faults and failures. I did indeed graduate from the University of Missouri just this past May, but that doesn’t mean I’m a fan of the Mizzou football team. I wouldn’t be qualified to do this job if I was. At the same time, as a reporter, I’m also not out to get anyone nor do I ever have the intention of putting a player or a coach in a bad light. I simply relay information to viewers and readers and give them a better understanding of what’s happening in the Missouri football program in the best way that I can. I told this person that he nor anyone in the program should take reports personally, that he has a job to do and so do I.

If anyone is still confused, he or she can email me at