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Sheldon Richardson Speaks

I wrote a few weeks ago about how much of a breather Sheldon is compared to his teammates in the interview department. He’s a player who, for lack of a better phrase, keeps it real. He’s incredibly blunt and opinionated. I was actually really surprised that he and a handful of his teammates were willing to back track with me to talk about the Georgia game and the “Old man football” comment. Missouri corner, EJ Gaines, even told me that he’d completely forgotten about it until I brought it up.

Sheldon and his teammates said that his personality is consistent from the locker room, the field, at home, hanging out with friends and at media day Mondays. Players used words like “wild” “crazy” “obnoxious” “excited”  “outspoken” to describe Sheldon’s personality. The players that I talked to all agreed that despite his outlandish personality and some of his outspoken comments in the past, Sheldon has been an excellent leader for the entire team.