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Bud Sasser Gets MTV Air Time

It’s been five months since Bud Sasser’s super publicized touchdown pass at Georgia, eight weeks since his last televised catch at the Cotton Bowl. But by way of reality TV, Mizzou’s senior starting wide receiver found a way to get supplemental face time in the offseason. Literally.

On the March 5th episode of MTV’s ‘The Real World EX-PLOSION’, Sasser’s mug was featured in a 20 second clip, video chatting with his childhood friend and cast member, Thomas Buell.

“I figured at some point I’d get a cameo, at least I was hoping I’d get one. I think I got a little lucky,” Sasser admitted at Tuesday’s football practice.

Sasser and Buell originally met at Woodrow Wilson elementary school in Denton, TX


and the two have been friends ever since.  As life long friends, Sasser and Buell have supported each other’s endeavors. Buell was a part of the Bud Sasser cheering section as Missouri beat Oklahoma State in this year’s Cotton Bowl. Sasser watches the Real World EX-PLOSION every Wednesday night. His twitter feed can be found littered with commentary on Buell’s latest Real World antics.

“The first time watching him on TV was unreal because he always wanted to act,” said Sasser.

Buell’s bio on MTV’s website describes him as a “troublemaker by nature” who “loves to create conflict by coercing his friends into doing obscene things.” Sasser denies being convinced to ever do anything obscene by Buell. “I’ve definitely seen him in action, he definitely tries to get things stirred up if the opportunity comes up.”

Buell has been given an opportunity to stir up many things as a cast member on one of MTV’s most popular reality shows. Real World EX-PLOSION takes place in San Francisco, where seven strangers live in a house together for an extended period of time. After new relationships formed between the strangers in the house, the most recent ex-boyfriend or girlfriend of each cast member moved in. On the show, Buell is currently in a love triangle between his fellow cast member Jamie, and ex girlfriend Hailey. To watch Buell in action and potentially see more Sasser cameos, the show airs Wednesday nights on MTV at 10/9pm central time.