Columbia Bars Carrying Mizzou-Murray State Football Game

As of 4pm Thursday, the following bars have told me they plan on showing Missouri’s game vs. Murray State on Pay-Per-View:






Billiards on Broadway

International Tap House


South of Stadium Boulevard:

Buffalo Wild Wings

Stadium Grill

D. Rowe’s

1839 Taphouse

Southside Pizza & Pub

West Columbia:


Sports Zone

I’ll update this list as bars make their final decisions on whether or not they’re carrying the game.


The Past Six Months

Something many of you didn’t know: I’ve spent the last 6 months working part time at a hospital here in Columbia.

Before I started working there, I was wrapped up in superficialities, bogged down by life’s “problems”; a recent college grad and sports reporter struggling to find a job, an employer, a purpose. I was dealing with an internal battle fueled by rejection and the frustrations of an unstable life.

When I started working at the hospital, I met patients..people..-HUMANS- who actually had problems. People affected by terminal illnesses, cancer, life changing accidents, distressful family issues, no family at all, years and years of health complications all came in and out of my life every morning, only to show me that my problems aren’t problems at all. I realized the battles in which these people are forced to fight are much, MUCH more difficult than my own.

Working at the hospital showed me the greatest form of currency is not so much money as is it is the willingness to help. Working at the hospital showed me true strength is defined not by how much weight a person can lift but by how positive of an attitude he or she can maintain when hope seems out of reach. Working at the hospital showed me the most incredible people in this world are not those who are famed because they possess a rare talent, but those who selflessly do everything they can to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Working at the hospital changed my perspective.
Working at the hospital changed my attitude toward everything.
Working at the hospital showed me my purpose.
Working at the hospital changed my life.

Tomorrow is my last day as an employee at the hospital. Because I am so incredibly grateful for my experience there, I’ll begin volunteering there next month. Sometimes all it takes is getting a little lost in order to find your path. I can’t repay the hospital enough for helping me find mine.